Cher on Collaborating with Snoop Dogg and Stopping Cyberbullying

5. června 2012 v 16:22 | •Ann |  Interview

What kind of platform did The X Factor provide for your music career?
"It gave me a huge platform. Overnight, I was known not only in the UK, but also in different places around the world because of the Internet. It was a bit crazy for me. One day, I walked down the street without being hassled, and the next, people started stopping me and asking for my autograph."
Do you have any advice for performers on singing competitions?
"Do what you want to do. If you're given a song that you don't like, make sure that you do make a fuss over it and say no. I wish I would've done that a bit more. I did anyway because I was a bit rebellious. But it's your life and your career; do what you want to do."
What is your dream collaboration?
"My current plan is to get Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj on the same track with me. I just worked with Snoop Dogg on a remix for my song 'Want U Back.' I haven't even met him yet, and he's been so nice about me when he does interviews. It doesn't go into my brain. I hear that he says nice things, and I'm like, 'wicked!' Then, I sit down before I go to bed and I think, I can't believe this. This is actually happening."
What music are you currently listening to?
"I love Kid Cudi. There's this song called 'Pursuit of Happiness.' I want to re-do it. Maybe re-write it, keep the hook, change everything else… maybe I'll do an acoustic version of it first and see what people say."

What do you like to wear on a daily basis?
"It changes a lot! If I feel like wearing a dress, I'll wear a dress, but sometimes I feel like dressing like a boy. I like high street shops because I feel like my fans should be able to go out and buy the stuff that I wear without feeling intimated. I feel like I shouldn't wear the big designer brands because that's not how I was before, and that's not who I am now. If I had a red carpet event, cool, but not day to day."
What about when you're on stage?
"I tried to wear heels on stage, and it doesn't work for me. I have to wear flat shoes. I don't want to be photographed falling on my face. I wear combat boots, sneakers… it depends on the outfit."
You're spoken out about fighting cyberbullying. When and why did this cause become important to you?
"Before I went on The X Factor, I had experienced cyberbullying through Facebook. For some reason, people took a disliking to me. Then, I went on my computer after I was on The X Factor, and my Facebook exploded. The comments were horrible. I remember thinking, I don't know whether I want to do it or not if it's going to be like this. Not too long ago, I did a campaign on television about cyberbullying. A mother of a six-year-old girl came up to me during one of my meet and greets. She said that her daughter had been acting strange when she came home from school, and thanks to me, she told her family that she was being bullied. I'm very passionate about the cause."
What do you want teens that are experiencing cyberbullying to know?
"You can't ignore it. That's not a possibility. Let people know that it's happened to you so that you can seek help. People should learn how to use the Internet in a positive way. If you're being bullied, or if you are the bully, check out the websites on how to prevent bullying and seek help."
Do you have any plans for the summer?
"I'm performing at all the big music festivals in the UK."

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1 ♥*Anetk@*♥ - SBéčko ♥*Anetk@*♥ - SBéčko | Web | 5. června 2012 v 16:40 | Reagovat

škoda že tomu nerozumím:D

2 Sabča Sabča | Web | 5. června 2012 v 18:43 | Reagovat

supr! :)

3 Burcu Burcu | Web | 5. června 2012 v 19:01 | Reagovat

No  zrovna moc dobře anglicky neumím no :-// na jazyky nejsem ale Cher  to sluší :)

4 Lucy Lucy | Web | 5. června 2012 v 19:27 | Reagovat

pekný rozhovor :)
prečítala som si ho celý a páčia sa mi jej názory ;)

5 Julli Julli | Web | 5. června 2012 v 20:18 | Reagovat

No ta hudba se Snoop Doggem je zajímavá volba. Jsem zvědavá, co z toho bude.

6 Lucy Lucy | Web | 5. června 2012 v 20:25 | Reagovat

viem po anglicky, takže som rozumela :D
s týmito anglickými rozhovormi nemám problém, ale ostatným by sa to možno zišlo preložené :)

7 Kat. Kat. | Web | 5. června 2012 v 21:21 | Reagovat

bylo by úžasné, kdyby nahrála song s Nicki Minaj. Nicki je prostě úžasná, stejně jako Cher! :)

8 tay-swift-team tay-swift-team | Web | 5. června 2012 v 21:36 | Reagovat

super rozhovor

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